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It`s going to be an exciting and challenging year with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics as we try to incorporate  all the different colour schemes in the village planting.e will be continuing the project in One stop gardens  now called Jubilee Gardens . The lads from the  PPBS are removing the turf from the  side  strip which will extend the planting area for us. Rockery stones and plants  will be added  plus more perennials and  we`re putting a clematis on a trellis on the wall behind the new planter.

We`ve had lots of plants donated by villagers in the past and we hope they`ll continue. All the other plants are bought by the committee from the fundraising we do.

Our other big project around the car park behind us will include a new rockery,  Wood anemones in the woodland and the snowdrop trail is to be continued across Royd Lane to the Calderdale Way

We`ll also continue to plant more wild flowers.

All  the barrier baskets and barrels will have a red, white and blue scheme to celebrate the Queen`s Diamond Jubilee  and Olympic colours will be added to all the gardens for summer. The barrels outside Central Hall are being replaced by 3 large planters. We`re also liaising with the Library to have  a water butt outside .

Once again We`ll be joining  with Pennine housing providing  salad pots for all the residents in  Brig Royd and Greenacres

I`d like to thank all the group who turn out to help us plant, prune, weed, feed and water. It`s a great group and we have a lot of fun.  The villagers are always commenting on how good the village looks and I think they appreciate the work we do.

There was quite a lot of vandalism when we first started the group but only one cordyline has been taken, and that was last week,  which I think shows the respect people now have for the village.

We don`t look after all the village as Calderdale council, the Parish council and Pennine housing all play their part. But it belongs to all of us and we want it to look good.

Please do look at the photos  to see some of the projects  we`ve achieved over the last 5 years.

Thank you.