Ripponden in Bloom Newsletter April 2012

What a month

Yorkshire in Bloom judges came to view the village on a wet Thursday 19th April. They were introduced to members of Ripponden in Bloom who showed them some of the work we had achieved since last year. They were amazed at all the money we raised and impressed about the garden space we look after.

The Parish Council has very kindly agreed to purchase a water butt for the group, to be placed outside of the library building to enable the group to water the railing planters more effectively and recycle water. The group has put up a display of their work in the library.

The Probationer Payback Service came and worked with us again at the beginning of the month and helped empty the compost bins and cleared more of the ivy from the walls in the car park in front of St Barts Church

The team has worked hard to brighten some grot spots in the Royd Lane car park see opposite.


Brian Whitaker and Jean Slim for the fabulous primroses which they donated and which Sue and her team have planted at the back of Royd Lane car park.

Thank you also to the Brownies and their leader Tracey Armitage who did a sterling job litter picking before the judges arrived.

Everyone’s help is vital

To our new minute secretary Pam Lum who has kindly agreed to join our committee. Thank you Pam.

Soyland in Bloom

Are now set up with Chairman Anselm Bassano, Minute Secretary Nicola Winrow and Treasurer Brian Winrow. The group have their first working party dates booked so if anyone knows someone who would like to join the group please contact Anselm on 07801 459 332.

Events and Diary Dates

Working Parties all start at 10am Royd Lane car park

Monday 7th May
May Day Stall
12 noon onwards

Friday 25th May
Clearing and Planting

Monday 28th May
7pm Committee Meeting

Tuesday 29th May
Clearing and Planting

Tuesday 12th June
Clearing and Planting

Friday 6th July
Clearing and Planting